Is Forex Trading Really For You?

The trouble with being a full-time forex trader is that it can be a very lonely profession if you're trading your own account at home.

Everyone thinks it's an exciting, exhilarating profession sitting at your computer in your underwear watching the markets, going long, going short, raking in huge profits, but the reality is somewhat different.

You can sit staring at your computer screen for hours on end waiting for a good set-up to enter a trade, and sometimes you can sit there for the whole day and not enter a trade. And even if you do find a trade, when it goes against you and you have to close out at a loss, then it's a gut-wrenching feeling. You've wasted a whole day, and not only have you not earned any money, but you've actually lost money. You could have made more money working a menial job for the minimum wage that day.

Also in most cases you're all alone and therefore have no work colleagues. You have no social interaction at all during the day except to maybe exchange pleasantries with the postman or to go down to the newsagents for a paper. Over many months and years this lack of social interaction can be quite depressing, especially if you are a naturally social person. Talking to traders on a forum or a load of pretend friends on Facebook is no substitute for real human interaction.

There will also be lean times for even the most profitable traders, which can be extremely stressful, particularly if you have mortgage payments to make, bills to pay, and a family to support.

Yes the potential profits you can make are almost limitless thanks to leverage and compounding, but it's a very tough, and often very stressful way of making a living.

Saying all that though, I've been working for myself since 2001, with forex trading contributing greatly to my overall income and I absolutely love it. Admittedly the lack of social interaction isn't really an issue as I don't really like people generally.

In all seriousness though, if you can learn to trade successfully then you will be very well rewarded financially, which will allow you to have a great social life away from your computer screen and you can enjoy the benefits of being your own boss and the maker of your own destiny.

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